What is Caulking?

Caulking refers to the process of sealing a gap between two surfaces for the purpose of making it air or watertight. The word ‘caulk’ can be used to refer to the sealing substance and also to the act of sealing. There are hundreds of different types of caulk, but the types of caulk most used in homes are; acrylic latex caulk, butyl rubber caulk, and silicon caulk.

Watertight Caulking Pty Ltd specialists are experienced in a wide range of sealant application including to wet areas, precast panels, block work, saw cuts, fire rated sealants, window & door frames, pool sealants, pavers, aluminium panels. We have trained sealant specialists to ensure a professional and quality finish. Our extensive knowledge ensures that we can provide the most cost effective solution and select the best product for each job. Our large employee base ensures that we have the capacity to complete any job large or small.

Our Domestic services include


Tiles, Mirrors, Vanities, Bathtubs, Shower recess


Skirts, Tiles, Floor Boards


Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundries


Expansion joints

Window frames


Cutting out and removal of existing sealant mould

Outdoor Pavers

Pool Joints

The Type Of Caulk We Use?

Besides the three basic types of caulk, there are many specialized caulks designed for specific tasks. We always ensure we apply the correct caulk for the job and only use high performance commercial grade caulk. Some of the different types of caulks we may use depending on suitability for the job are; kitchen and bath caulk with a built-in mildew fighter; mortar caulk that holds up to high heat; roof sealant to repair minor leaks; gutter and flashing sealant; and asphalt sealant.

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Caulking Services We Provide

Kitchen Caulking

Bathroom, Vanity Caulking

Caulk Skirtings

Tiling Applications

Expansion Joints Caulking

Caulk Windows